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Tech: Arena

4: Adsense

Tech Arena Returns!

Not so much of a "return" as it's been in development. Things had slowed down during the whole family-building process but have been in full swing for the past few months (as in spare-time full swing).

Tech arena allows players to build vehicles (and pretty much anything they want to) from components and compete against friends, enemies and AI in an are...

Doin' the .com hump!

Behold! The life-death-cycle pattern that nearly all startup companies have been following for nearly 20 years:

Posted Image

A) Design application with the user's needs in mind but also with a long feature list that is...

A small bump in the road



The new terrain generator is still being integrated with the game's resource management system. I was planning on having it ready this week but it's only stable on small scale maps and the generated textures haven't been incorporated into it. This means no screen shots. =( However, it is coming together nicely and the new terrain certainly...

Extensible Terrain Generation

Hope everyone had a great Fourth!

Now that I've fully recovered from the weekend celebrations, I spent the morning wrapping up the terrain generator for Tech Arena. It's a topic that's been discussed in great detail so I won't get into the basics but I am going to cover what I've been doing with the core generator architecture. After revising the terrain...

Tech lives!


"Virtually unlimited technological advancement in a socioeconomic system."

The Tech Series, as the above quote ambiguously suggests, is an attempt to remove the limits of what can exist within the game environment while at the same time creating a game environment that responds to what exists in it. The scope of the project is a bit...

Is all the world a stage?

I blelieve this to be one of my most important entries (and the only in a long overdue time) because it addresses money, quality of life, mental health and gettin' a game done...

To all of you I give you this message.

A job is a job and it can only be no more than that. Someone can take a job from you but they can't take your career. They...

Another note....

Put a song together and placed it in the anouncements forum

New song

As was said in the thread:
"I've just finished putting a new song together. I'm thinking that I need something in the middle of the song so it's still somewhat of a work in progress. I'm thinking that I could put something extra in the middle of the song but I'm not sure what. Extra...