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There is no escape from the Washu

4: Adsense

Sweet Snippets - Handling Input and Callbacks with Awesomium

In our previous entry we started rendering a UI overlay on our application. We added some basic interactivity in that we can update a health bar by sending javascript commands. However, what if we want the UI to be able to notify us of actions? That's what we're going to cover in this entry. In addition, we're going to add mouse input forwarding to Aweso...

Sweet Snippets - More Using Awesomium and Direct3D

In the previous entry we built up a basic sample that loads a web page and uploads it to a texture, which we then rendered to a full screen triangle. In this entry we're going to work on optimizing that process a bit, and making it so that our texture updates whenever the source updates.


Sweet Snippets - Rendering Web Pages to Texture using Awesomium and Direct3D

With our familiarity with Direct2D now maximized, it's time to move on to other methods of rendering UI and text! At this juncture you're now familiar with Direct2D and it's power (well, maybe not. But let's pretend you are!). However, what if we wanted to render a UI to the screen? In this entry we'll take a look at Awesomium, a Chromium based HTML UI e...

Sweet Snippets - More Text Rendering with DirectWrite/Direct2D and Direct3D11.

Previously we built ourselves a short little application that displayed some text over a triangle. Rendered using Direct3D11, DirectWrite and Direct2D. There were a few problems with the sample though, and so I've decided to do a followup which shows some changes which fix those issues.


Sweet Snippets - Rendering Text with DirectWrite/Direct2D and Direct3D11.

At one point there was a series called Sweet Snippets. I don't remember where, but I think it was in the C++ Magazine (when such a thing still existed). Anyways, this is not an attempt to resurrect that, however I feel that sometimes certain questions can be answered with a simple sweet snippet of code that demonstrates a simple concept in its entirety. T...