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/* Why you crying? */

4: Adsense

More ANL refactoring

I've been working on fleshing out island generation in GC. The current generator is kind of a legacy holdover from much earlier  versions of GC; the basics of it were in the very first prototype that started this project. (Crikey, I had to scroll back through my journal for a long ways to get to that. Has it really been over two years since I started this...

Goblinson Crusoe, Urho3D, and Other Stuffs

I made an executive decision this last week about GC. To this point, I've been implementing it as prototype code on top of Urho3D, but I've been using my original Lua-based framework and ignoring the fact that Urho3D implements a quite robust framework of its own.Like so many others, I've jumped on the component/entity bandwagon in recent years. When I fi...