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Color Rotation

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Been doing more refactoring. Converting a lot of parameters to ScalarParameters, adding RGBA functionality back in, etc... Added a new type of RGBA function as well, which rotates a color in color-space around an axis, by a given angle. The axis coordinates and angle are all ScalarParameters, so they can either be constant or hooked up to noise functions. Here are a few images generated while testing the module:

Attached Image

Looks kind of pretty, but I honestly don't know how useful it would be.

Accidental Noise Library

Jul 14 2011 10:04 AM
I guess it's as useful as palette cycling - simple in itself, but great for adding a bit of interest. Especially as you allow synthesis functions as input.

Does it work just with the RGB colour space, or others too?

Have you thought about doing any other colour space transformations? No idea what use it'd be, but could be interesting!
Jul 14 2011 01:27 PM
Those look like they could make very good procedurally generated spell effects; the bottom right one in particular. If you can generate it animated, cut and instead of gradiating red-to-blue, do red-to-alpha, apply a mask over it to make it smoothly non-square, then you could have a very wickedly awesome lightning bolt/ball where every spell cast is different.

And the bottom-left could be poisonous gas, if you do fade-to-alpha. Animated fire could come of this also.
Jul 15 2011 07:10 PM
I agree with Servant here any one of those would be great for procedurally generated particle effects. Not just spells but even nebulae in space and such especially if you can animate it in some way.
Jul 15 2011 11:23 PM
I like the upper left one because it seems to use more of the spectrum than the others ;) I also think these could be used in some kind of forcefield or magical barrier rendering. Also agreeing with the above, if they can be animated it could lead to some really impressive effects.
Jul 16 2011 09:27 AM
That's the cool thing about how I'm building the library. Any of those effects can be animated in many different ways. Flexibility is my main goal, and pretty much every day I'm making new tweaks to how things work. Still trying to catch up on the docs, though. I recycled the old page I used to have up here on gamedev. I'm not much of a web guy, but it doesn't matter, I just need to get something usable. Working on the examples section today.

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