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Some more procedural grayscale textures

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Another round of randomly generated procedural grayscale textures for ya:

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These are selections from a whole raft of new library modules that a script I left running last night put together, using the latest version of the Accidental Noise Library. Each was generated as a randomly constructed tree of modules and stowed in the library for future reference.

The generator works recursively. I have a table full of possible leaf nodes and a table full of possible regular nodes. The generateNode function is passed a level depth parameter and will generate either a leaf or a regular node depending on if the maximum specified level is reached. Non-leaf nodes typically will create themselves, then recursively create all of the sources they require.

I had to basically delete everything in the library after many of the changes I have made recently, but that's okay. Half the fun of this is running the script and seeing what turns up.

In particular, I find the one second from the left, third from the top a bit interesting and even a little creepy. It looks very much like a bump-map, and even with a little self-shadowing. No doubt it is a result of adding a FunctionGradient function, which takes the gradient of a function along a specified axis. Still, though, the way it worked out is pretty cool, considering nothing in the chain is specifically calculating a bump map for the textures.

Jul 26 2011 12:48 AM
nice work :)

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