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Building An Isometric Game Using Horde3D (Part 5 1/2)

Posted by , 25 August 2011 · 941 views

Hordeman is out. He was a test who served his purpose, and served it well. I brought in a new goblin character I made yesterday. Maybe he's not quite as kick-ass as Hordeman, but still... It takes a special kind of goblin to rock the loincloth/diaper like this guy does:

Attached Image

I've been doing some tests and benchmarking (solely on my as-mentioned-before crappy lappy) and I reckon the numbers are fine. Any halfway-modern machine should be able to handle it like a boss, so I don't really have any more concerns there. I'm working on a summary post, but before I do I'm going to run it on my sister's Mac and see how it looks with modern fancy-pants features like anti-aliasing (since the aliased characters against the soft-blended backgrounds are just fugly.) Once I've run it on a modern machine and fiddled about, I'll finish up the summary with some of the pros and cons and annoyances and coolnesses that I have encountered.

If you need some beta testers hit me up as I would not mind testing it when you're ready.
I have several machines that range from high end to low including a mac mini running the latest version of Mac OS.

Cool screenshot Posted Image
Nice goblin, I like his loincloth! things look sweet