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Grinding away at the interface

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Spent a couple more hours this evening plugging away at the interface. Did a few buttons for the dashboard panel, and re-wrote a bit of text rendering code to allow color coding tokens embedded in strings for the combat log. The current text color can be switched using a token of the form #<number> where number is a color table index. So, for example, the string "#1 Player 1 #0 hit #2 Player 2 #0 for #3 16 #0 damage." results in a colored string where Player 1 is rendered in blue, Player 2 in green, and the damage value in red, with the rest in white.

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I did some throwaway buttons for the dashboard, just real quick stuff so that I have something on-screen, and now I need to start rebuilding the action/skill/item system and re-build the character stats sheet system so that combat actually uses a character's stats, rather than just being empty messages being passed around, and placeholder stuff. Also re-rendered the little goblin sprite animations for the N-th time, where N is some large number. I'm finding I have little patience these days for character modeling and animation for some reason.

Mar 28 2012 10:29 PM
Keep grinding, Looking good.

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