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Re-rendered the trees

trees Goblinson Crusoe isometric rpg hex-based turn-based
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I re-rendered the trees using the official Goblinson Crusoe rendering stage as well as with a few different varieties of leaf texture to add a bit more variety. Here is a sampling of the small set for the travel mode maps:
Posted Image

and the larger versions for combat mode:

Posted Image

I've got a busy weekend, but I'm going to try to work on a few more decorations for combat mode: rocks, logs and the like. It's nice being both programmer and artist, so that when I need a break from one I can work on the other. I'm on a bit of a graphics jag right now, which is good because I'm tired of looking at all the same old crap. This should be the last post about trees, though.

May 07 2012 02:36 AM
The trees are looking great! :) Keep up the good work on your project!

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