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Goblinson Crusoe hex-based turn-based rpg
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Spent a little time at work tweaking things and getting a better feel for it:

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A possible sticking point for me is trees. Well, vegetation in general. I've always had a hard-time with low-poly vegetation, which is why previously I would just use an L-system or other generator to generate high-poly vegetation, since I was just rendering it to sprites. Now, though, if I stick with this style I'll have to hone my barely-existent skills. I did a clump of practice trees, really quick ones, and they actually don't look horrible to me. A bit simplistic, perhaps, and I should probably have spent a bit more texture budget and added a lightmap with some ambient occlusion to help with the shading, but all in all it looks okay.

Most of what I did during my free time at work, though, was starting on some of the miscellaneous wiring required to hook this new setup to existing Goblinson Crusoe framework and systems. The swap should be fairly straightforward, but there is some work to be done.

Feb 21 2013 09:19 PM

Very nice work!


I am sorry but haven't read all of you postings, but are these hex grids all polygons, or just a quad texture... If each grid is a mesh how many polygons per hex?




BTW where is Accidental Noise lib at!!!! angry.png


You promised me awhile ago an update damit!!! :)

Feb 23 2013 07:44 AM

The hexes are somewhat heavy-weight, about 380 faces per tile, a bit more for the mountains to maintain the silhouette. In any final art pass, I would probably do a merge on some of the flatter tiles, but right now I'm not too concerned about it.


And yeah, I did promise you an update. I'm sorry. :/ But you know, I've quite forgotten what it was I'm supposed to fix. :P

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