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Minor refactoring

Urho3d goblinson crusoe hex turn-based rpg
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Today it was mostly a refactoring push. I've been sick, just a touch of a cold that caused me to skip church to babysit the kids (who are also a little bit snot-filled, like me) so I decided to just do a little bit of cleanup while they slept. Mostly rearranging skills and workbench recipes. Each workbench now has its own file, with recipes stored locally and defined at the top of the file for easy access. I also started work on a PlayerData structure, which will hold... well, player data. It'll be the central structure for all things player-related: the player's combat stats now live here, as well as his inventory and lists of known skills. Having the playerdata centralized like this makes it easier to save and hack on.

I've started work on "official" recipes for the various workbenches. And by official I mean, of course, skills that are very likely to completely change by the time I release a demo. But I am ripping out the duplicate skills, the inappropriate recipes for given workbenches, etc... each workbench, as I said, now has its own recipe/skill list that is appropriate for its function.

I also generated a utility function for generating Learning skills for the spell tomes. Spell tomes are used for research purposes: spend resources to learn new skills. So to help with the learning skill generation, I built a helper function similar to the already-existing GenerateCraftSkill() utility which, as can be guessed, generates craft skills, or skills that transform sets of resources into other resources.

As a final bit of labor, I just now started work on a new level generator. The existing one will be going bye-bye soon, since it was only ever intended as a testing ground and has fulfilled the meaning of its existence. Going forward, I'll be working more on actual "game" stuff: objectives and scenarios, encounters, etc...

No screenshots, since there really isn't anything new to show visually.

Nov 24 2013 10:52 PM



"official" recipes for the various workbenches.

Nov 24 2013 11:02 PM

Ain't nothin' official until gold master, baby.


Oh, yeah. Just implemented a Light Torch spell. So now, if you want to explore the cave, you need to carry a supply of wood and tinder to light a torch that will last for 5 combat rounds (probably will tweak this). Don't have wood or tinder? Gonna get eaten by a grue.

Nov 24 2013 11:07 PM

Okay someone has played "Don't Strave", a great game.

Nov 24 2013 11:17 PM

Heh, actually I haven't, though swiftcoder or someone has recommended it to me a few times. But I have played an absolute metric crapton of roguelikes, which is where I get most of my ideas for this thing.

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