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J of K

4: Adsense

Help Wanted Picks

Just a quick post to point anyone who doesn't regularly visit the front page of the site in the direction of the second edition of what will hopefully continue to be a regular fortnightly news-item here at GDNet: Help Wanted Picks.

The basic idea is to handpick a few projects every couple of weeks which stand out amongst the others and give them a bit of...

Help Wanted!

It's rather interesting moderating the Help Wanted forum, I get to see a whole miriad of different projects and potential projects constantly parading through, some of which do quite well and the majority of which go absolutely nowhere. It's rather unfortunate that there are often some very good projects which slip through the cracks and don't seem to get...



I have discovered ythat if I type real fast then most of it comes out as legible text!!! HOORAY!!!! I guss it's automatic or somethingination! ROCK AND/OR ROLL!!!!

Splish Splosh Splash

I'm sure you're all familiar with splash screens in games by now. I mean the full-screen animated things that display company logos. I don't believe splash screen isn't really the correct term for these, but it seems to be what they're commonly known as these days and I'm sure you're all aware of what I'm talking about. For anyone still confused, and for...


Among other projects, I've been working on some custom forum software. I'm aware that there are plenty of existing packages out there I could potentially use, but I don't like any of them, so I'm trying to write something following a few guidelines:
- The content comes first
- No 'feature bloat'; if I don't need it it shouldn't be there
- Validating...

First entry


...figured I may as well start posting in this thing sometimes. Updates will be non-regular, and will cover a range of topics, including my projects, non-GD related projects, and the occasional rant. I'll also likely take some time to pimp some of the more interesting projects currently going on in Help Wanted.

For now I shall leave you with...