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Help Wanted/Offered Picks

4: Adsense

Those who view the front page of the site or peruse the news forum may have noticed a monthly column I've been posting for a short while now to help bring a bit more attention to some of the projects in Help Wanted.

To give a couple of examples of recent editions I'll link to the June Help Wanted Picks, and the July edition; this month I made the experimental adjustment of seperating out "services offered" into a seperate edition posted in the middle of the month.

Why am I posting this?

I'd like feedback on what I'm doing. Anyone who has been following the column will see that I've been making changes each time trying to find out how best to provide a useful piece that people will actually value. In particular, there's some discussion in the comments of the latest 'Help Offered Picks' that I'd like additional feedback on, and any other comments on the column (either version) in general are most welcome.

What do you want to see in the Help Wanted/Offered Picks?

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