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Journal #259850

4: Adsense

Opera 9 w000000t

Opera 9: Awesomness. The killer feature for me has got to be the widgets -- that's the only thing I missed when I moved from Firefox to Opera.


I hate PHP. Manual installation isn't working. The windows installer isn't working. Now I have to keep mucking with this **** until I find out why it doesn't do the God-damned job it's supposed to do, and I've wasted all my day already.

And MySQL too. Damn it. The retarded thing doesn't work out of the God-damned virtual box on a God-damned 64-bit...

VBE fun, #2

I spent the whole day working on the English glyphs. I wasn't happy with the ugly look in the previous entry, so I took a screenshot of an anti-aliased font, zoomed in, and started a pixel-by-pixel struggle of epic proportions, crafting the glyphs by hand, in C. I could've probably written a program to do it, but I sometimes like to brute-force my way...

VBE fun

I was too tired tonight to work on anything serious (e.g. message passing), so I decided to spend some time on VBE (VGA Bios Extensions). I had already downloaded, built and installed VBE GRUB to the disk image, so all that's left was to write the actual graphics code.

VBE exposes 3 functional interfaces, one through BIOS calls (via INT 10),...

Some people have to be shot

A long time ago, I thought installing InstallShield update manager would be a good idea. For a variety of reasons, it wasn't. I couldn't find a way to uninstall it, though. No start menu entry, no Add/Remove Programs entry, no way to do it from the application itself. In the past, I'd look for a way quickly, not find one, and then forget about...

French, #1

So, I decided I sould revive my m4d french sk1llz. I've (lightly) studied French in school for approximately 7 years, but - unfortunately - I didn't put that knowledge to good use. The result is that I can now read and understand French if it's not heavy on the vocabulary, but I'm totally unable to write or compose anything in French. And of course, I...


Since last Thursday, I've been debugging multi-tasking. I had kernel-space threads running fine (which is cool, by the way. Multi-threaded kernels, that is), but I could never do a successful privilege level switch (aka ring switch, from kernel-space to user-space and back). I was always getting bogus SS values when switching back from user-space to...

OneNote, DInput-Hooking

Microsoft OneNote is becoming one of the most invaluable programs I have ever used in my life. Since I started using it, it dramatically affected the way I work, the way I surf, and, in general, the way I use my computer.

Even though it provides a lot of nice features, what really hit the sweet spot with me was the ability it gives you to write...