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I want back in

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I've been lurking around GDNet for a little while. It helped me get my first job in game development in a big way. I moved on to other industries, but I always find myself drawn to the game industry and to GDNet. This really is a special little place on the internet. I have learned so much from the very smart, experienced people here. Much more than I learned from the smart people that I've worked with elsewhere. There are lots of cowboy coders in the games -- good on them! -- but there are also a lot of really good software engineers. People who love and care about the craft of coding. But it is not just the software engineers who are like that in the game industry it is everyone: the artists, designers, and producers. These are people who care about what they do. It's pretty hard to find the same kind of dedication in other industries. Mostly it is people who are just punching the metaphorical time-card. I miss the passion.

So I want back in.

If you are looking for a software engineer in Boston MA, please check me out and get in touch.

Oct 21 2011 01:05 AM
Well welcome back :)
Oct 21 2011 06:17 AM

Well welcome back :)

Cheers! :-)

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