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vim text objects

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For the last 18 months or so I have been working predominantly on linux. Most of my development during that time was in vim. Most game development seems to happen on windows so MSVS is the natural choice for most developers. Let me say that I do have frustrations with MSVS but I think it really is a wonderful tool. I've used it a lot and if I was developing on windows I would almost certainly use it. However, I have found that my move back to linux, the command line, and vim has really made development more fun for me.

During that time I learned a lot of vim, and began to understand why it is considered so powerful. Learning vim is like learning to play a game. There is definite leveling up. You learn a new technique or capability and then you incorporate it into your arsenal, making your vim-fu all the more effective. It is tempting to sound like a raving fanboi and go on about all the things that seem so right with vim, but I will spare you that (this time). Instead, and my reason for beginning this entry, is to pass on a tutorial that I came across that does a really fantastic job of explaining vim text objects. So if you do happen to share my love of vim, this tutorial may help you level up.

Oct 30 2011 06:43 AM
Great one. Thank god I found this great post. I am a fans of VIM too. Posted Image

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