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The Bag of Holding

4: Adsense

Sleeping (or not)

There seems to have been some confusion about my sleep schedule in my last post.

So let be briefly clarify how my sleep schedule works:

- When tired, go to sleep. This often means snoozing in my chair, or, sometimes, stumbling over to the couch. Maybe once a week I'll actually make it into my bed.

- When no longer tired, get up and do stuff.


Epiphanies feel like electrified chocolate

Proactive de-funk step one: chug about 75% of a can of Monster. Guaranteed to at least make your skin tingle, if not actually correct motivational deficiencies.

I know this is annoyingly soon after my last post, but I just have to brain-dump it, and it's too important for an edit. Plus, an edit would totally ruin the dramatic tension I left at the...

Cross-platform ports FTW

X2 has just been released for Linux. Woohoo, etc.

On a less corporate-shill note, this week sucks. I started out this weekend fighting off a nasty runny nose. Mysteriously, it dried up overnight and hasn't been back since, but it left behind it a mild fever and the general achy malaise that tends to go with being sick. I also have some wicked bad sinus...


I'm a fairly big addict of Digitally Imported's Internet radio service. The bulk of my time is spent in the Chillout channel, as I find the selection there (for the most part) to be an incomparable backdrop for late-night hacking sessions.

The mixed blessing and curse of a service like DI is that it's crammed with extremely rare tracks. I know of one...

Where mah garbageman?

Let me just register my sentiment, for the record, that manual memory management is crap. Therefore, by extension, C++ is crap.

I honestly wonder how much cleaner this stupid scenegraph would be if I could just use a proper garbage collected language. Unfortunately, I don't have that choice right now. Even a bolt-on GC for C++ is really more than we can...


I think that puddle of ooze that trickled out of my ear was the remainder of my brain.

So far so good - the basic framework for the scenegraph has been put into place, and the high-level render algorithm is more or less fully stubbed in. I'm about 80% of the way through reimplementing camera abstractions; part of the nasty work is moving away from...


So XMen 3 was pretty good. I never touched any of the comic books (the medium in general tends to be a little too corny for my taste, with only a few exceptions) so I really don't care about the "canonicity" of any of it. As such it was a good movie, and quite impressive in that it's the third movie of a trilogy and didn't suck. That's no mean feat in...


I'm back in the USA now [crying]

Time to copy all my work off the laptop and start buckling down.

Real World Development: Volume 1

Real World Game Development
How Decisions are Made in a Commercial Game Project

I always enjoy reading this kind of stuff from other teams; it's fascinating to see the parallels between our projects and others'. Sometimes we make similar decisions, other times our needs, preferences, and/or whims simply take us in other directions.

With the new project I...

Bier ist gut

I finally got around to sampling a new local beer today. The brew of choice was Prinzregent Luitpold, another hefeweizen. The color is medium-dark and very cloudy, which is more consistent with the weissbiers I've had in the past. It has a sharper flavor than the Erdinger, and a very rich fruity aftertaste. Altogether it would be an excellent...