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The Bag of Holding

4: Adsense

Would you like a side of spam with your spam?

I hear we have a preview feature in journals now. I must test this rumour to see if it is true.

Also, being a non-mortal, I'm obligated to keep up a quota of journal updates. Or so I've been told.

Lame Excuse for Content
I finally got Milton swapped back over to the public half of my network today. The TKC site remains dead (and will do so until I get...


The hits just keep on coming...

I've gotten the dummy-render hack done for the cutscene system. It's very "dummy" and exceedingly "hack," but it works - I have an entire content pipeline that goes from a nifty little XML file to a moving box on the screen. I'm so proud.

So far, the system weighs in at 3184 lines of code, comments, and whitespace...

Toys to play with! Yayy!

Woohoo! My nice shiny new W2Jb has arrived. I type now on the most beautiful and powerful laptop I've ever seen.

This thing is really huge, compared to my old 15" Toshiba. It's like having a small European country of your own, except it's worth more. Despite the bulk, it's a very light machine, and quite comfortable to use. My only real question...


So I finally broke down and slept for a couple of hours. Amazingly, I actually woke up before my alarm and feel completely fine, even after only 5 hours of sleep. My body is in a really weird operational mode right now.

I snoozed not so much from exhaustion but from boredom; last night I had the position updater loop about 80% done, but just didn't...

Work. I won't talk about my laptop (much).

Well, this has been a fun week. As I mentioned earlier, I'm doing a sort of self-imposed crunch mode to try and nail a deadline. At this point, it's working - as measured by the fact that I can no longer coherently remember when I have slept over the past 2-3 days. Thanks to the miracle of caffiene and my utterly borked metabolism, though, I'm still running...


Dear customer,

Your order has shipped out via UPS on 2006-05-17. Please use the
following tracking number to check on the shipping status.


Note that it may take up to one or two days for the package to appear in
your shipper's tracking system.

You may also check your order history by logging into your account located
under My...


So I bought myself a really nice new laptop and a nice new case to go with it. I did something fairly unprecedented in my internet-buying career and paid for fast shipping on both, since I leave Monday for two weeks and want to be able to take my nice new toys with me.

So, after having to deal with a bunch of red tape with my bank to authorize the...

Work, the four letter word

The remainder of this week is going to be interesting.

I've self-imposed a minicrunch for this week in order to ensure I hit a project milestone that involves this cutscene stuff I've been working on. The week out for E3 set things back a bit further than I would have liked, and I'm going to have to really push hard to get to where I want to be. This...

Nerdgasm alert

Oh dear God, I am so very, very weak.

I just bought a W2JB. For the first time in (I think) my entire career of buying stuff on the Internet, I also paid for expedited shipping, in the hopes that I'll have the box to take with me to Germany next week when I go visit Ye Olde Company Headquarters.

I am currently sickeningly giddy. Buying new toys...

I have GOT to get me one of these...

Mmmm... soo hot...

I have definitely got to get in on some of that action.