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The Bag of Holding

4: Adsense

More E3 stuff

Games I Demoed At E3
This is just a quick opinion dump that quickly covers the games that I either watched demos for or actively played at E3 2006. Not hard and fast reviews, just off-the-cuff reactions.

Type: combo-based beat-em-up
Platform: PS2
Experience: Played Live Demo
Thoughts: Beating the crap out of a guy with a lawn chair is one of...

E3 2006 Recap

E3 2006 Recap
Alright, here we go. I was planning on doing running entries all through the show, but I quickly realized two important things: that my laptop's battery life sucks and I couldn't use it to take notes during the conference sessions and write journal updates at the same time, and that I was too interested in the show to waste time sitting...

E3: Day 1

Medieval Times was a good run... made lots of ruckus and generally enjoyed ourselves. The crowd was fairly into the show (which is always good) so we had to make a point of out-yelling and out-fake-medieval-insulting everyone else. Great stuff.

We basically decided that none of the first-session workshops were interesting, and slept in a bit this morning....

E3: The Final Countdown

Everything is packed, except stuff like my toothbrush which I'll still want access to between now and tomorrow morning. Got my laptop all hardened and ready for exposure to public wifi hotspots (I'm posting from it now, as a matter of fact).

This year, I have a strategy: I'm packing only jeans and a couple of T-shirts. My goal is to fill out my...

E3 Checklist

E3 2006 Checklist
Do laundry so as to have sufficient clothing (check)
Cram significant portion of said laundry into small luggage space
Gather up various necessities of life and fit them in between articles of clothing in said luggage
Make sure laptop is ready to go (i.e. is safe for use on public wifi hotspots)
Print out E-tickets and confirm...

OK, I'm working this time, I swear.

Well, last night didn't run so good. I ended up passed out under my desk at about 1:30AM. (I was under the desk so that I could keep my headphones on and thus avoid having to reach up and stop Winamp. It made sense at the time.) So naturally I woke back up around 3, sore as all-get-out, and moved over to a proper bed. I then woke up at 2PM utterly...

Childlike Idiocy

Here's the situation: I woke up about 10AM yesterday (May 3) and promptly pulled an all-nighter. Around 7AM this morning, I napped for about two hours.

It is presently 11:52PM on May 4. I am, for some unholy reason, strongly considering staying up all night again. I think this might have something to do with sleep deprivation, impaired judgment,...

More Milton

Well, I found the cause of the port-forwarding issue: one of the routing hops on my LAN had accidentally been switched to firewall mode, so it was silently dropping the reply packets from the server to the Internet. The net result was that a lot of SYN packets were showing up; the server would ACK, but the ACK would be dropped, and then subsequent...

The Milton Chronicles, Part 5

I was bored and wired on caffiene, so I went ahead and got Webmin and Apache running on Milton. Entirely uneventful. I then proceeded to waste a few minutes hacking up a little intro page for the "default" server - since Milton will be virtual-server hosting several parallel sites, I need a sort of catch-all to fall back on in case someone...


They were skeptical.

They've always been skeptical.

Deep down inside, some part of me is unable to blame them. After all, they made a compelling case.

But now I have proven them wrong.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen.

They are all wrong.

Spending hours learning how to reverse engineer Win32 software was not a waste of time, as so many would have...