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The Bag of Holding

4: Adsense


I've sort of been posting a fair bit in here lately, so I figure it'll be easier to keep posting regularly than to go back to posting rarely but with massive entries. At least, that's what this guy Newton keeps telling me - insists it's some kind of law, even. Dunno. I'm not sure I really believe him, seeing as he looks to have been dead for a while.



The E3 materials arrived via postal delivery service today. We get a nifty little red token thingy that we use to claim our swäggenbag upon arrival at the convention center.

The badge design is nifty this year - a lot nicer-looking than last year's. Still doesn't have a sexy RFID thingy in it, but I guess that'd get expensive for 30,000-odd...

The Milton Chronicles: End of a Chapter

Woohoo! Everything is finally working. I just crushed a couple of final glitches with some USB support modules, and now it's all golden - 100% error free boot on

I was going to post this from Milton, but then I realized that I don't have a working X-Windows install, and even if I did, the default Mozilla browser that came with the distro...

The Milton Chronicles... again!

I cannot believe how stupid I am.

All this time, I've been trying to solve the oh-so-difficult problem of how to get updated tools and drivers onto my 2.6 install when the CDROM and NIC drivers are both barfing profusely.

Well, duh... I still have a working 2.4 install, and both are booting on the same exact filesystem. So all I have to do is...

Milton part 4b

Ahhh, now I remember the problem I had before.

The problem, to put it briefly, is that there's a really important package of programs called module-init-tools. This package was updated between kernel versions 2.4 and 2.6, except nobody bothered to include the updated version in the kernel package itself. The result is that, if you upgrade from 2.4 to 2.6...

Milton part 4, finally!

Well, I've finally got a working kernel. Now comes the really icky bit: solving all the little glitches.

The first main glitch is with my NIC; for some reason it's giving me bogus errors about eth1 not having a valid wireless ESSID, which is really bizarre, seeing as I have no eth1 device, let alone a wireless device of any kind. I'll have to...

Milton part 3(still?!)

Ha! Ha! I'm compiling the Linux!

You'd think I'd never done this before. In fact, I made this exact mistake last time, too. I forgot to compile ext3 support into the kernel, which leaves me with an unbootable system.

Thankfully, I've long since learned something with Linux kernel hackery: never, ever, ever, ever remove stable kernels. So I just have to...

Milton part 3c

After a rather long interlude for Real Life, I'm back on the task.

Being the forgetful and generally less-than-competent moron that I am, I forgot to do a modules build when I did the kernel compile. So naturally, my first attempt at booting didn't go real far, since I had it configured to stick all the interesting functionality in modules....

Milton part 3b

Kernel compile begins: 7:06PM EST.

I now leave to do something not mind-dumbingly dull - namely, watch Requiem for a Dream.

Milton part 3

OK, maybe my rant was premature.

As of right now, I'm successfully downloading the kernel (make that done downloading). So either the most-recent nForce drivers are less sucky than the last time I did this, or the real pain is that they don't work properly on 2.6 kernels. I'm re-downloading the freshest build from nVidia just to be safe - it...