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The Bag of Holding

4: Adsense

The right place for objects

During my usual bouts of procrastination, I dug back up Paul Graham's essays, thinking that I might find some useful stuff in there since my Lisp conversion. Specifically, I started reading Why Arc Isn't Especially Object Oriented, looking to compare notes with Paul's work on the Arc language (a Lisp dialect, for those not familiar with it) with my own...

Oooh bandwagon!

I just joined LinkedIn. I don't know why, as usually I avoid those kinds of things as a rule, but for some reason it sounded good. Or maybe I was just bored. Maybe I thought I'd get on this bandwagon "early" while there's still leg room. I dunno.

In any case, if you add me, make sure you get the Mike Lewis that works for Egosoft - because there's a...

Some useless pondering

Bill Amend is the smartest person in the universe.

Hang on... maybe I need to back up a bit and explain this properly.

So I was sitting around doing whatever, and suddenly, unbidden, something came to mind: an old Foxtrot comic strip where Jason writes a multimedia book report for school. At one point he's shown with a pile of thick,...

Back in the swing o' things

Well, it seems I've finally found my productivity gland again (after a three hour nap this afternoon, of course).

Stuff is flowing nicely and I should be able to get the plans for this cutscene system totally done here soon. I ran into a fun challenge today with controlling fine-grained timings for different events in a scene. My previous model was barfing...

God Wills It!

Well, if there's one thing every new Spiritual Convert needs, it's a good Crusade to fight for.

As a Newly Reformed Smug Lisp Weenie, I feel it is my deep responsibility to the Faith to join a Crusade. The thing is, I'm too lazy to see what Crusades are currently being fought, and I justify my laziness by telling myself I probably wouldn't want to...

*Cue angelic beam of light*

A funny thing happened today.

Actually, it happened a couple of days ago, but the effects have taken a bit of time to fully hit home. I was reading around in Steve Yegge's blog archives, Lambda the Ultimate, and a few other places that I forget at the moment. The other important bit of background was that I was fooling around with some concepts for the...

Procrastination and such

Well, I ended up falling asleep last night instead of working. Story of my life. I'm going to make a quick effort at making up for it today, but I have four challenges that will defy that:

My parents left Florida today and will by stopping by in the area on their way to Indiana. So my weekend will pretty much be consumed by bumming free meals off my...


Ever since I got back from Florida I've been dragging my feet. (Heck, I've been dragging my feet for quite a while now.) I finally got fed up with it and decided to sit down and try to figure out what the heck is going on. I've tried before to attack the problem analytically, with no real results; so this time I figured I'd just sit down and write...


Being in a slap-happy, hyperactive, party-like-a-hamster-on-crack mood at 2:40 AM on a Thursday really sucks.

That is all.

Mmmm... games. With sugar.

Today we got the first really official roadmap for the Next Project. I can't really give much detail due to NDA restrictions, unfortunately. The bottom line though is that we basically have about twice as much time as I was expecting to get certain major features to an alpha-complete phase.

I already more or less have my own private roadmap spelled out for...