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The Bag of Holding

4: Adsense

Inventing Destiny

I aspire to greatness.

For as long as I can remember, I've had a sort of thread running in the CPU of my brain, monitoring my activities and recording things the way one might assemble a documentary. Sometimes this thread focuses on the mundane: "Here we see a sickly-looking specimen of Apoch brushing his teeth." Every now and then it gets...

Games... and cars... and STUFF!

So yesterday I bought a black 2003 Taurus. Not the sexiest ride in the world, but it works, and it's a lot more fun to drive than a Buick. Dropping $13,000 in a single chunk is a bit surreal, but it was fun.

I got the car from CarMax, and the buying experience was great. This is a very good thing, because I've been feeling like total crap for the last...


It has been brought to my attention that my last post is ridiculously huge. I'm not sure whether to offer to pay hospital bills for those who endure reading the whole thing at a single sitting, or offer prizes.

In other news, shopping for good used cars is a pain in the butt.

Towards A Richer Toolbox

Some historical context
NOTE: If you don't care about my navel-gazing musings, you can skip to the good stuff, starting after the horizontal bar below.

Those of you who have followed my activities for a while (you sick, voyeuristic freaks!) know that a while ago I was working heavily on research for a realtime raytracing engine. The project was called...

Time Management and Multiple Personalities

Originally, I set out to do a sort of "Day in My Life" entry, that broke down what I do at my job on a per-hour basis. I started 2 days ago around 6:30 AM, which is when I woke up. [My sleep schedule has been totally random lately, which is partly really cool, and partly really disorienting.] I then logged what I was doing for the next massive chunk of...

Death Marches, Vision, and Mutant Space Potatoes

Writing is a funny thing. Every now and then, I get a weird sense that I have something to say, but I can't quite place what it is. Typically, I'll cast about for a few hours, trying to figure out what exactly it is that's making my brain itch; typically, I fail at this. At some point I figure out that it's just better to start writing about absolutely...

VS2005 Woes

I'm having a very mixed experience with VS2005.

The look is nice, aside from the toolbars, which just look dull. (Why does Microsoft have this compulsive need to invent a new way to render toolbars every year?) I really like the new Start Page over the VS2003 launch mode. The installation was fast (compared to VS2003) and easy, without any weird...

Cleaning Stuff Up

Well, I found a reasonable service that would haul off my car and get me a tax-deductible charity donation receipt for it. So I don't get any outright cash, but I will get a writeup worth, at the absolute least $150, and likely substantially more. I get to find out the actual value once the car is auctioned off; apparently the tax law goes that I can...

Day... ah, screw it, I have no idea what day it is

Well, my car is dead. There's a rod broken loose in the engine that's pretty much destroyed things, and the timing computer has tried to "compensate" by downtiming the engine so much that it barely runs. It currently sits, dejected and stripped of all my belongings, at a local garage.

They want to make me pay $25 to have it "impounded" and removed, which...

Day... something, plus... something else

I've been up since 4PM yesterday, and it's great. It feels kind of weird to be winding down at 6:40 AM, but at least I'm no stranger to bizarre schedules.

I finally figured out how to start a GDNet Gathering group, so now all us other Atlanta area people have a group. Hurray. I really don't expect much of anything to come from this, especially since nobody...