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The Bag of Holding

4: Adsense

Day... Something.

I was awakened early (read: before noon) this morning, about 9:30ish, and amazingly enough I've been running strong since then, with just a short hour nap sometime around 8PM. I'm sure my mother would kill me for doing this (she was always big on the early-to-bed, early-to-rise thing) but I definitely haven't felt more energetic, alert, or motivated in...

Day Three

Well, day three was supposed to be Friday. Friday morning I woke up sometime around 10 AM feeling utterly horrid, and promptly went back to sleep. I seem to be fighting some typical winter-type bug; nothing serious, but definitely a pain. It's amazing how a low fever and a little achiness can get in the way of sitting in a chair and typing all...

Day Two

So Day Two is coming and going. I slept in until about 1PM today, which frankly I don't really care about, because I know I'll work late to compensate for it tonight - and in my new work environment, nobody else minds, either.

It's a bit hard to stay disciplined and actually work, when nobody is holding the Axe of Firing above your head all day, but so far...

Why 9-to-5 Jobs Suck

I made a mention in a comment on my last entry that I've been thinking about doing a nice rant on why typical, American Dream, 9-to-5 jobs are the evil spawn of Satan. Actually, I'm really only going to rant about why my particular 9-to-5 was so terrible, but there should be plenty of ranting material there.

So, labouring under the foolish...

Day One

Well, I am now officially a full-time industry professional. Today is my first day of work at Egosoft working on the X game series. Those of you who have been here before (and are masochistic enough to come back) know that I've already been working with Egosoft for over three years now, beginning as a volunteer, and then working part-time around my...


Holy crap... I'm so tired that I completely forgot to mention that I finally installed my TVWonder Elite and got it running tonight. I also seem to have broken my sacred tradition and posted a journal entry that does not fill a browser window at 1280x960. My only excuse is that I've been writing for the last three hours, and my brain is at the point...

Making Good on Threats

The hour of dread is finally at hand! Draft one of Digging the Ultimate Sandbox is now posted for you to pick apart and violently disagree with. It's in Word format, partly because I am an evil Microsoft drone, and partly because the GDNet+ webspace won't let me upload RTF files, and the idea of ZIPping a 50KB document just to let you non-drones read...

Game Design

Every few weeks, I find myself in a position where I'm lurking around on GameDev, and my "regular" forums aren't updating. Usually these are the times when I rediscover forums like Software Engineering and Game Design, which never fail to have some really interesting stuff (despite moving very slowly). These discussions usually get me thinking about...

Article Update (of sorts)

So I was thinking of writing up the article that I threatened you all with. Actually, I've been thinking about it a lot. Originally, my intent was to do an analysis of abstraction methods and embedded languages in game development, and propose a mechanism for generating dialectic languages on-demand for generating rigid levels of abstraction...

Grandpa Jim

A week ago, on December 29th, my Grandpa Jim passed away. I found out by way of an email from my parents the next morning (well, it was technically afternoon, because I had that Friday off of work for the New Year's holiday, and there's no way in heck anyone is gonna catch me awake before noon on a day off).

Grandpa Jim wasn't technically my...