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4: Adsense

The last two days feel like about a month. I've been running around fixing odd computer problems for all the friends-of-the-family in the area, which is always... interesting, if not actually fun. Today we took my five year old nephew and his four month old brother to the beach and hung out for a couple of hours. Huzzah for physical exercise, and such.

Crammed in between all that has been a monumental amount of packing and hauling and storing and all the other trappings of making a major move. So needless to say I'm fricken exhausted.

The "great" thing is I now get to spend a couple of hours working on all the stuff that I was supposed to be getting done this week, except I keep falling asleep early every night. So I'm not sure what the quality of this work will be, but at least it'll be "done." Sort of.

The FooLanguage thread has taken off again, happily. I just don't have the mental bandwidth to jump back into the discussion at this point, but I'll definitely hit it properly when I get home. Anyways, it is now by far the most popular thread in the history of the Software Engineering forum. So even if we totally fail to make history in any other regard, we've done something noteworthy. Huzzah.

Right... time to go wring out the last of my brainjuice into Work before I pass out entirely.

Apr 07 2006 04:02 PM
I feel sorry for you: fixing other people's computers is truly the most painful kind of job.

It's even worse when they tell you they have a backup so you can go ahead and blow it away, then go "oh, i don't have a backup" "...what?"

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