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Milton part 3c

Posted by , 30 April 2006 · 131 views

After a rather long interlude for Real Life, I'm back on the task.

Being the forgetful and generally less-than-competent moron that I am, I forgot to do a modules build when I did the kernel compile. So naturally, my first attempt at booting didn't go real far, since I had it configured to stick all the interesting functionality in modules. At the moment, I'm watching the modules compile scroll across the screen.

I'm kind of annoyed that the kernel README still talks about LiLO as if people actually used it. GRUB is such a far superior bootloader that I'm frankly put off by the anachronistic adherence to LiLO in the kernel notes. The way I see it, GRUB is basically the de-facto bootloader for Linux these days, so at least the kernel docs could describe the procedure for doing a GRUB setup rather than just assuming you're on LiLO. Of course, for me, the point is kind of moot, because I can do the GRUB config by hand. But it's the principle of the thing. Yet another reason why the Linux philosophy will prevent it from ever taking over the world.

So anyways... something boring to brood on while I watch the build process.

(On a totally unrelated note, RfaD was amazing. Absolutely brilliant film. If you've got a strong stomach, definitely see it.)

Why are you compiling a kernel?
Custom-tailored build of the 2.6 kernel. This way I get optimal size and speed, and processor-specific optimizations. It really does make a noticeable difference over generic stock kernels that ship with most distros.

Plus, it's easier and faster than downloading a distro with an updated kernel in it [wink]

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