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More juiciness

4: Adsense

I've posted several more bits of awesome to the GDC coverage, all from the AI summit. I finally finished day 1! Woohoo!

(By the way, Richard, I'm sorry for mocking your Day 1 Wall of Text. I did the same thing, just split across 7 different articles - 9 pages, or 3586 words. Eurgh.)

Upcoming coverage will include:
  • AI Roundtables (all 3 days)

  • AI Summit: Breaking the Cookie Cutter

  • AI Summit: Toward Solving Pathfinding (this one has lots of great stuff)

  • Game threading tutorial from Intel

  • Lockless programming lecture

  • Technical directors roundtable

  • Optimization on in-order processors

  • More stuff on CPU optimization

  • A quick overview of CUDA and its role in Gamebryo

  • Some sneak-peek stuff for the new Larrabee processor

  • A great lecture on staying passionate about game development

That pretty much covers my week. There were exactly 4 sessions I missed this year: one poster session (these are done at the same time as lunch, in an open and densely crowded hall, and generally are very difficult to pay attention to), one session by AMD that looked like it would be fairly boring, a Friday-afternoon preview involving Mass Effect 2, and a lecture on multicore programming that turned into a completely derailed and useless rant on... you know, I don't even remember. I walked out on that lecture after about 15 minutes and went to throw frisbees around the expo floor.

That's slightly better than last year (I think), since I generally plan for one or two sessions to totally bomb and not be worth the effort. Laziness and lack of energy are probably factors (ok, ok, and alcohol consumption too) but I will pretend that I have done nothing amiss.

Anyways, I'm probably utterly incoherent and babbling like a complete fool, so I'm going to go do... something... else. Writing articles in my current frame of mind sounds unwise.

Apr 05 2009 11:39 AM
I'm looking forward to the AI stuff
Apr 07 2009 04:35 AM
Nice job, Mike. Thanks for the great coverage!

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