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Hold on to your butts!

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Epoch Release 11 is on its way soon!

Lots of goodies (most of which I won't bother to list until I do the actual release notes) but it's going to be a good one I think. Overall things are just a lot cleaner under the hood, noticeably faster in the VM, and just plain more fun to write code in.

I hope to finish off a minimalistic editor based on Scintilla that will become the groundwork for Era, the Epoch IDE. That'll give me the benefit of escaping Notepad for editing Epoch programs, and introduce some rudimentary syntax highlighting and such that should make coding in Epoch even more enjoyable.

Main things left are some generic bugfixing with nested structures (reference-vs-value semantics get barfed on occasionally by the compiler, still haven't isolated the problem yet) and handle recycling, wherein it is possible to exceed 2^32 handles in the lifetime of a program without causing barfs. (Obviously it'll still be limited to < 2^32 handles simultaneously, but a program that can only do 2^32 string operations before crashing is a bit... crippled.)

Release 12 is going to be even bigger, and therefore will probably take roughly forever to complete.

R12 will see the introduction of true generics, actual namespaces, and quite a few of the parallelism goodies that last made their appearance in R9. GPGPU support is currently deferred again until R13 or later, depending on how things go, because it's a complicated beast and I'm still working too much on the language foundations themselves.

Anyways, there's your routine (and routinely boring) update on the world of Epoch.

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