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Tasty, tasty raytracing!

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As threatened, I've been working on a raytracer implemented entirely in Epoch. The results so far are promising:

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Render times are hovering around 1.8 seconds for a 300x300 pixel image. Considering that the image itself should be drawable in basically real-time, there's obviously a lot of room for improvement in the VM.

However, that 1.8 second figure is already down from over 8 seconds when I started on the raytracer project, so I'd say I've already accomplished some pretty decent speedups in the VM just from playing around with this.

I also haven't turned on JIT native code generation for any part of this (the JITter needs a lot of love) so there's a good chance I can speed it up another order of magnitude by executing native code instead of running everything on the VM.

All in all, not a bad bit of work, I must say. It's fun by itself to work on raytracing again, but I get to intermingle that with working on my own compiler and language, so I've been having a blast :-)

Nov 24 2012 06:33 AM
I love reading about your progress on Epoch, designing and implementing a language is something I've always wanted to do but never did because of the potentially huge scope of such a project. It's amazing to see that you can actually do someting useful with your own language.
Nov 24 2012 07:07 AM
Next goal: Write GW3 in Epoch :)

Cool, cool stuff!

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