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IDE hackery

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As I continue to mess with self-hosting the Epoch compiler, I'm spending a lot more time actually editing Epoch code than C++ code. This is a wonderful thing overall, since I basically created the language precisely so I could quit writing apps in C++.

Writing a lot of Epoch code in Notepad is pretty brutal, and I was kind of tired of just working on the compiler anyways, so I decided to take this weekend and play with the Era IDE a little bit.

I mocked up a status pane and a project navigation tree, and added a real status bar so I could keep track of what line of code I'm editing (which is useful when the compiler spits out line numbers as error locations).

That was fairly easy going, but it's also just messing around with the Win32 API from Epoch, which isn't terribly adventurous. So I set out to make Era a tabbed editor.

The results:

Attached Image

Shown is a fragment of the self-hosted compiler that implements the Shunting Yard algorithm for operator precedence handling.

Still a long ways to go, both on the compiler itself and on Era, but it's fun stuff.

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