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Hey... I got me one o' them journal thingies!

2: Adsense

I've been sort of meaning to explore this feature a bit for quite a while now, but due to being ridiculously busy and generally complacent about just about everything, I haven't.

However, I think now is a good time to start, seeing as I actually have some content to post here and all.

So, without further ado, I bring you The War Room: Aftermath of Game Development. Enjoy it, you sick freaks.

Oct 08 2005 02:16 PM
Well, I guess since I got back, I should resume my duties as JournalLand Welcomewagon. So...

Welcome to Journal land. This used to be four paragraphs long, but I'm trimming it.

Lots of pictars, lots of info on gaming projects. That's what bring readers. Enjoy your stay.


[EDIT] Oh, and rate++
Oct 08 2005 04:05 PM
Oi! Welcome to Journal Land!
Oct 09 2005 01:42 AM
Hallo!..have some +
Oct 09 2005 08:56 AM
Your war room is much cooler than mine. I, however, have a KVM.

I really dig the Phoenix case though. I have been trying to find a doublewide ATX case for years and failed miserably.

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