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The Exploits of Dr Geekenstein

4: Adsense

You may remember (ok, you probably don't) my post a while ago about an OEM LCD that I got ahold of. I got bored last night and sent another email to Sharp's Help Desk to see if I could get some real specs on the part and maybe a supplier for a controller for the unit. Amazingly enough, I got a reply back this afternoon.

I now have in my very gleeful possession a proper, decently-scanned spec sheet for the part, including a full schematic and details on the pinout and expected signal formats for the display. Apparently it can take a direct composite NTSC signal (e.g. from a bog standard VCR) which means that a little bit of voltage regulation and signal scrubbing will give me a miniature black-and-white LCD TV. I'm already having evil visions of using that to create myself a little games console... provided I can get a decent processor and some equipment to put out the composite signal to the LCD.

I'm also working on lining up my evaluation NA-1301 for my PVR. All in all it is a good day for the building of ridiculous electronic devices.

Of course to do all this insanity I'm going to have to break down and get a better soldering iron and a decent multimeter... which also means that I might finally get around to fixing the center channel that keeps cutting out on my 5.1 amp.

Oct 13 2005 08:00 AM
Great read.
Oct 13 2005 08:40 AM
Get yerself an xgamestation, and you're ready :)

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