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Fortress of Solitude

4: Adsense

V5 UI WIP: Events/Calendar

Some more V5 UI progress. The idea is to combine all the "calendar" type information we currently posses - events, contests, performances (stuff like Video Games Live), conferences - in a single grid, but allow you to filter which types of data to display. The three months ahead and past are directly accessible for quick access; beyond that you can also use...

V5 UI directions: Advertising page

This was supposed to show up yesterday, but I finally discovered that I don't like OS X's default mouse acceleration - apparently an exceedingly common problem that Apple has chosen to bury any and all UI for correcting. I'm evaluating alternatives to fix it.

In the meantime, here's a work-in-progress mockup of the advertising page. I had to wait to get...

New updates forthcoming

Honest, I promise. I've been distracted coming to grips with the OpenGL state machine, specifying transformations in reverse order and doing it all from Python (with two different approaches, depending on whether you write a PyOpenGL sample or use GL via Pyglet).

Oh, yeah, and I'm learning Illustrator and Fireworks in-between. (Fireworks is clever; it...

Where can you see lions...?

Unrelated to either of my projects. I was doodling in the office (yes, on an IBM notepad - I got it at GDC last year, I think) and trying to come up with some ideas for a personal logo. I like lions. And Google Image Search is still awesome. [smile]

More homepage

We're hoping to provide customizable layouts, so this "stock" design is what you'd see if you haven't logged in or are just visiting. Once you've logged in, you'll be able to rearrange columns and move/remove widgets.

The greyed-out text in the upper-right (Events, Spotlight and Sign Out) are actually tab labels. I'm thinking of using the :hover...

Thinking out loud about V5 UI...

Click for full-size version

Please note, this is very, very, very preliminary stuff that I haven't even run by ops, so don't look at it as definitive forward direction. I just think it's a good idea to get as much community feedback on the process as possible.

Time and Motivation

Many beginners - not absolute beginners, but beginners still - ask questions pertaining to finding time and the motivation to stick with a project with large scope. There are a variety of non-answer responses, such as, "You should write smaller programs," or "Break it up into smaller parts, then treat each part as a project so that you get to complete...

The Progression Paradox, or Getting Ahead of Ourse

Learning resources identify a problem/challenge and then supply methodologies, techniques, best practices, rules of thumb and whatnot for avoiding/overcoming/solving it. The nature of the problem can vary from fatal - the program doesn't run, for example - to structural - the program is hard to maintain and extend - and so on. The one is obvious...