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damn that was expensive...

Posted by , 27 March 2006 · 155 views

Well, that's it - I'm going Ltd.

It's cost over 300 quid for the full company pack (paperwork for everything) but it's all go - now I get to blow a few grand on getting contracts and NDAs drawn up. Funny that lawyers are even more expensive than accountants. Sigh. At least the bank likes me, and I've got leads on some potential investment capital (there's a media government agency that's branching into games in the East Midlands that might be useful). Once the incorporation's finished I can approach them and see what I can get - apparently they can help with the contracts and stuff.

I'll blog when I find out what happens. :-)

w00t! congrats dude... or should that be commiserations on the cost? ;¬)
Either or! The solicitors on Friday are going to be the real cost. EM Media can apparently help- had a quick chat with my ex-boss from Climax about 'em. He seemed to think they may have a stock NDA we could use, which'd be cool, and there's a few organisations locally that offer grants for startups like us.

Good to hear from you again! Best of luck with your new LTD and congrats.
Thanks. I'm fairly confident that the coding side of things will produce a merchantable product. The music side is fantastic - we have some MIND BLOWING music. Artwise, meh, it needs a kick up the arse, and I'm looking to take someone on to act as boot for this. Hopefully a decent candidate will come along and things will accelerate.

Great stuff, I hope all that legal mumbo jumbo goes smoothly for you. Looking forward to hearing what happens with the grants.
This blog has really interested me, I've wondered what it takes to go it on your own. You have a website?
Actually, I have the domains and space, but only the bloodspear one (http://www.bloodspear.co.uk) is set up. I suppose I should get round to it. In the mean time, if you want to ask me anything, I'm fairly open about it all.

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