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I knew it'd be expensive when I saw the Ferrari...

4: Adsense

So, the quote's come in from the lawyers.

The best part of £3500. Including VAT, not that it takes the sting off any.

For this I get:

Consultancy agreements (not employment contracts) for my core team, specifying the profit share / salary scheme and granting rights to view company accounts.

An agreement covering the licensing of closed source materials/assets, tools, and documentation, and support and updates for these.

An EULA for Bloodspear (and similar services).

The breakdown for the quote is a little vague, I think, and ominously it's missing the asset handover and royalty agreement (odd, seeing as I provided them the same draft copy all my freelancers have).

And they want £500 up front to register me as a client before delivery of the documents. Meh. Think I'd like a little more detail on what I'm getting first. Also I think I'll have a look further afield for another firm.

That said £4000 was my gut-feeling top end (and these guys are definitely top-end lawyers) so it's not exactly a shock, but it is slightly more than I was hoping (£2500 - £3000 including the asset handover would have been a sale), even though the cost is spread over the development of Primogen (we don't need the EULA till close to the end of development (start of public beta)).

Now it's time to take this quote to funding organisations and see what I can get out of them, and to chase up the accountant about the company registration... More news as it develops.

Apr 04 2006 09:50 AM
wish there was a decent rating system for lawyers

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