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Company up!

4: Adsense

Yay! Finally got hold of the accountant, and the company's up and running (and under a certificate of non-trading at present), meaning we're now free to start looking for funding and getting the required bank accounts set up.

Winterdyne Solutions Ltd, Registered Company #5770862 - that's us!

I can probably expect to receive calls from people wanting to buy chemical solutions shortly...

Apr 06 2006 02:17 AM
Thats quite the achievement. Congratz!
Apr 06 2006 07:17 AM
Dear Sir,

I am contacting your company on behalf of several investors who may have a profitable proposition for you. My clients have $17m currently tied up in a bank account in the repressive nigerian regime. In order to access these funds they need a long established company such as yourselves to act as an intermediary. They would of course be willing to give you 10% for such a service. All you have to do is send us the details of your business's main registered bank account and we'll do the rest.

I look forward to hearing from you to discuss this exciting opportunity.


Vincent Ngombe, CFO Noscamhere International

Apr 06 2006 07:52 AM
Hurrah for the 419!
Apr 06 2006 08:53 AM
Congratulations !
Apr 13 2006 12:29 PM
At least you are not Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems. [grin]

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