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MVP Part 2

Posted by , 04 October 2010 · 261 views

MVP Part 2

I've been on vacation for the past week (and the previous weekend too), and haven't really made much progress on a development front. However, over the past two weeks I made it to Paris, Zurich, Milan, Rome, Florence, Innsbruck, and back to Stuttgart - it was a very busy time, but I had a fantastic time. Coming from the U.S., there isn't as much of a chance to experience so much history like Europe has to offer... Needless to say, my camera was put to the test over the past couple of weeks!

As a nice cap off to the vacation, I found out that I received the MVP award for XNA/DirectX for the second year in a row! I'm really happy to get the award again, and I hope to continue the trend as long as possible [grin]!

The book project that has been consuming my free time is actually beginning to pick up steam, with a deadline coming up within the next two months. As we approach the finish line I'll be sharing more and more details about it, but it will be a Direct3D 11 based book that utilizes the Hieroglyph engine to provide the samples. The two other authors are quite talented and are already picking up the Hieroglyph library faster than I have in recent months (that's a small hint about who the authors are [grin]). This was one of the original reasons that I started the Hieroglyph project as an open source project - to support explaining D3D11, and providing a platform for sample algorithms from books. I'm happy to see that it will be getting some mileage over the next few months!

Hey, congrats on the award! [smile]

Next year you can go for the hat-trick.

Do they tell you what you won the award for? I'm always curious when I see people have won these things. Is it for your work in communities, or your work as an author, or your professional work?
They don't really provide any hard details. You find out that you have been nominated (normally by another MVP or someone at MS) and then submit a list of your activities and contributions to the community. Then when the day rolls around, you either get an email confirmation or not - in either case, they don't say what put you in the group or not. I believe there is a board of people that votes on the members, but I don't know for sure.

In general, the award is for contributions to the community, so forum posts, blog entries, articles, books, etc... are all helpful. This year I also added the Hieroglyph project to my activities, which I also think is a helpful thing. My professional work doesn't currently provide any rendering work, so it doesn't contribute at all [grin]!