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I found out today that I have indeed been re-awarded as a Visual C++ MVP this year :) That makes five years running, and I'm really happy that I will have the chance to continue on. There is literally tons of different concepts in modern C++ that I want to start writing about again, so we will have to see what shape that can take... hopefully it can be helpful to some of you out there.

To help demonstrate how the design of a rendering framework is evolving with the new features of C++, I will be updating Hieroglyph substantially. Because of how large the changes will be, I have decided to make a clean break and create Hieroglyph 4. This decision was not made lightly, as I have put many, many hours of work into Hieroglyph 3. In fact, I first posted Hieroglyph 3 on Codeplex back in February of 2010, and it had already been in development for months before that. As a result of our book, as well as lots of posts here on GameDev.net, there is actually a fairly substantial user base for Hieroglyph 3 (including my own use at my day job).

Due to that user base, I think it is prudent to take the next step and create the next version of the engine. This will let existing users of Hieroglyph 3 continue on without too much disruption, and then at some point down the road I will eventually have Hieroglyph 4 in a production ready state. This will also let me be more aggressive in my design changes, so I think it will be good for both cases. I will continue to apply the updates to Hieroglyph 3 when they make sense and don't significantly alter the API surface. That should keep HG3 from getting stale and allow me to maintain a before and after example set - that's the plan anyways :)

It always amazes me how much you learn over the course of a couple years. Since I wrote Hieroglyph 3, I have become much more knowledgeable about software engineering, software design, and I have also become much more aware of the importance of documentation and testing within the software realm. Hopefully I can apply all of this to the new engine going forward.

Anyways, I hope this will be the beginning of another long run, so stay tuned for more renderer design discussions!

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Oct 03 2013 12:02 AM

Congratulations Jason! Hopefully I get the same email 2 months from now.

Oct 03 2013 04:53 AM

Thanks Matt!  And good luck to you too!

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Oct 03 2013 03:43 PM

Thanks Matias!

Nov 16 2013 04:21 PM

Congratulations! Keep your awesome work!

Nov 20 2013 04:41 PM

Thanks :)

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