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The Life of Corman

4: Adsense

Things Change

Well I seem to find myself slipping on posting anything or keeping up with the whole social thing time and time again. Things change, friends come and go, and personal interests seem to wax an wane. Right now I do not know how active I will stay here but I will continue to support the community and gamedev.net itself. I am looking at giving this whole...

Stone Cutting

My article submission has been selected for the next Game Programming Gems 8... AGAIN*!

* Yeah, yeah, I know you heard this all before and I bet you find yourself asking "Didn't this happen before? Where is his last announced article for that Game Programming Gems 7?". Well to make a long story short it wasn't just 7 I was going to be in but 6 as...

Red Matter

What exactly is "red matter" in the Star Trek movie?

I believe this might be some miss guided, artistic license, play on quantum chromodynamics and the strong force. There is what is known as color charge that is formulated to explain quark confinement and the residual of this why protons/neutrons can bind together to form larger groupings. The reason...

Long Overdue

I probably should have posted this some time ago but that whole trying out a second job ended out being a bust. The exact reasons I was given for them letting me go was that they just didn't see it working out and no amount of me questioning would my boss expand on that. It came rather much as a shock to me because my reviews up to then were rather...

Happy New Year

I know it has been some time since my last update but there are some good reasons for this. First on the list is that I did eventually pull my book article so I could hopefully have a more polished and completed one to be published later. But other than that the biggest thing to happen this year is my migration to a new job at the very fun and...

Rough Diamonds

My article submission has been selected to be included in the upcoming Game Programming Gems 7!

Precious Stones

Me and my associates submissions are in so wish us luck!

A Marry Christmas!


I like to dedicate this journal entry to a very special occasion. Last night on Christmas Eve my younger brother proposed to his wonderful girlfriend. I am usually a person of many words but nothing right now can truely express my over joyous feelings for them. I love both of them very much giving a big congratulations and a wish...