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Not dead...

Conclusion 2.

Posted by , 10 November 2012 - - - - - - · 1,290 views

The person who posted the first of the 'tutorials' we see on line these days has a lot to answer for.

While it is creating more "programmers" (and I use the phrase loosely) this reliance on tutorials with snippets of code and even video tutorials showing you everything is, imo, having a bad effect on the ability of those who follow them to problem solve.

Instead of learning to read docs, read books and figure out samples they instead require a step by step guide on the most trivial of things and then complain when such resources don't exist.

On the plus side as this army of vague competence marches forward at least there will always be better paid work for those of us who can think our way out of a paper bag instead of sitting at the bottom of it and crying because no one has made a video showing us how to get out.


Posted by , 09 November 2012 - - - - - - · 985 views

In all my years of programming, both professionally and as a hobby, there is one truth I've learnt over the years which stands above all overs.

Most people can't design software for shit.

This thought depresses me.

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