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Not dead...

Goodbye and Hello..

Posted by , 31 December 2009 - - - - - - · 161 views

So, 2009... reasonably productive all things considered.

Most of the stuff seems to have been done in the latter half of the year;
- got the start of a TBB particle system going
- learnt about Compute shaders and how to tie them into D3D11
- got a handle on the UDK
- started to get a handle on Unity
- Read about and did some learning for F#

Going into next year my plans are;
- refactor and finish up particle system to get a game made
- Get cracking properly on a UDK game
- Knock up a Unity based game
- Use F# for something productive

A reasonable set of goals I feel.. as to if I manage to carry them out is another matter completely [grin]

Also, I'd like next year to be a year where everything I do at work doesn't get thrown away.

Since I moved projects from the first game I worked on until now everything I've done has been dropped in some form or another; be it feature cuts or projects getting canned. I'd take it personally if I didn't know my work was solid.. and, heck, I get paid... still, its a bit silly.

So, yeah... new year, new goals... maybe by this time next year I'll have my first game properly done; my grand plan is to have something up for sale by the end of next year... we'll see, eh.

Have a good one boys and girls.

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