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Not dead...

4: Adsense

Goodbye and Hello..

So, 2009... reasonably productive all things considered.

Most of the stuff seems to have been done in the latter half of the year;
- got the start of a TBB particle system going
- learnt about Compute shaders and how to tie them into D3D11
- got a handle on the UDK
- started to get a handle on Unity
- Read about and did some learning for...

Modern Warfare 2 : No Russian.

Having completed Modern Warfare 2 this weekend in what was, for me, record time of obtaining a game I've decided to also weight in on the 'no russian' level as many people have been doing.

If you have not finished the game there WILL be spoilers below. Turn away NOW.

So, as you probably know by now Modern Warfare 2, while being a massive hit has its...

Letters From The Readers

Its time for one of those entries where I quickly answer a post or two from the comments [smile]

Quote:Original post by Jason Z
Do we get to see some screen shots of the system in action?

Right now it exists in a stripped down purely mathematical test environment.

Drawing is on my 'todo' list however before that I want to finish up and refactor...

Particles 2

One unplanned day off due to illness later and, when I felt up to it later in the afternoon, I reattacked my SSE based code.

I decided that, instead of trying to do sillyness with ensuring that the blocks are always multiples of 8, I would just work out how many mulitples of 8 I can process and then deal with the remaining 4 particles after that.


Around the middle of the week I decided to get my arse in gear and get working on some code related to a game idea I had.

I also decided to grab a trial copy of Intel's Parallel Studio to have a play with it, see what its auto vectorisation is like and also try things like the Thread Building Blocks.

One of the things I need in this game are...