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Not dead...

4: Adsense

Correct Lighting! Huzzah!

About a month ago I got distracted by something and decided that working out how to display Doom3 MD5Mesh models, complete with diffuse, normal and specular maps.

After a few issues with my maths being a tad tits up (and mucho thnaks again to joanusdmentia for helpping me sort out my stupidness) I finally got model loading and displaying with a diffuse map...

Pet hates....

I'm an angry person.
Most of the time I'm pretty close to the edge of just abusing people, hell most of the time in real life I cross that line and lay into people to expose their own moronic habits.
It amuses me.
I'm probably going to hell.

However, in forums I can often refrain, normally just using cutting sarcasm to get my point across, but...

Time for a break?

Ah, ratings.
Love 'em or hate 'em it seems you cant escape them.

Before I continue I'm fully aware that what I'm about to put here could well make what I'm about to talk about worse, infact I'd think it more than likely but never mind [smile]

I like to help people, those of you hang around the OpenGL forum will probably have noticed my prolific posting in...

Lazyness... terminally?

Its pretty much a well known fact among those which know me that I'm so lazy I cant even be bothered being lazy. Its got to the point where people fall of chairs shocked when I do some coding, myself included. OK, this hasnt prevented me from getting a rep as a god like coder (though I'm sure some people on here could put me to shame) its something...

I supported GD, what did you do with your time?

Yep, the GDNet+ has landed!
and i've got a warm glow inside from parting with cash to help keep the site alive and kicking.
plus bragging rights of being the 2nd person to sign up [grin]

That is all!