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Ye Olde Ramblings

4: Adsense

And so it goes...

I've decided to let my gamedev subscription lapse. The main thing I used it for was for this sounding board to discuss my personal programming projects. It's been a few months since I last posted, and over a year since I've done any actual game related discussion. And even over the years I never really saw a lot of feedback or discussion that really made...

Tangent, now with usable error messages!

In a long overdue effort to get people to actually use the software I write, the Tangent rehash now provides line numbers with error messages. w00t!

public goose class foo{
public bar x;

moocow.tan(2,9) : error : Unknown Type 'bar'

Back to work!

My vacation is over. It's useful to remind myself every so often why I don't travel and hate people. I did take some time and think about what I wanted to use my spare time for. In the end, I decided to use it for whatever the hell I want. So I'm going to try to do a quickie rewrite of Tangent with lessons learned and a renewed attempt at Moe. Ideally, two...

Tangent: Haitus

I realized the other day while working on something barely non-trivial in Tangent just how shoddy the performance is. Memory usage, leaking, actual execution speed... And there's not a few things that are just bleh in the project itself. Combined with the lack of actual active interest by anyone who isn't me, and the renewed desire to work on...

Tangent: Syntax reworking

I'm looking to do a little reworking in the Tangent syntax, parser and compiler. Right now there's a little too many exceptional cases. The main candidates for removal are properties and indexers. They'll still exist, but will be done in the phrase style. No more special cases.

The first step is done. I took the degenerate case where a method has no...