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4: Adsense

I've decided to let my gamedev subscription lapse. The main thing I used it for was for this sounding board to discuss my personal programming projects. It's been a few months since I last posted, and over a year since I've done any actual game related discussion. And even over the years I never really saw a lot of feedback or discussion that really made the posts satisfying. With my workplace gearing up for a big release, I probably won't have the time or motivation for personal projects until that's done.

I'll still be around, but I just can't justify paying the (relatively small) cost of the subscription for a cartoon cow and a journal I rarely use; especially these days. Perhaps I'll re-up once I start doing more development again, or get more disposable income.

Jan 11 2010 09:34 AM
Aww, bummer... I'll miss reading about Tangent (although I suppose to be technically correct I already do, seeing as it's been months since I've seen anything on Tangent to begin with).

Best of luck with your release!
Jan 11 2010 07:57 PM
Good luck with your projects

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