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Explicity undeclared yet implicitly defined ramble

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RTF Logging

Based upon the RTF article hosted HERE on GameDev, I have created a simple log interface and RTF logging implementation. I'm experimenting with different types of logging and wanted to keep a unified interface. This interface can be expanded into HTML, XML, or other formats fairly easy.

The current incarnation supports rudimentary logging thresholds...

Procedural Terrain Texturing

I've been working on this terrain engine for quite some time. It has also been a long learning project for me. I started the engine with basically knowing only how to draw some simple shapes to the screen using OpenGL, and now I'm generating terrain textures procedurally and in a fresh new engine architecture.

I'm using a fairly simple...

Engine Architecture Postmortem

I've been fairly busy working on my terrain engine which is coming along pretty well. I've done a lot of restructuring of the engine, mostly as it applys to data transfer through the engine. My original architecture was to separate every object from any other object, except it's dependencies (pretty much only inherited objects or global types). ...

Basic Terrain Rendering

I've finally gathered the time to get back to working on my engine, now that the semester is over. My current dilemma with the engine is what model and terrain/world geometry formats I should use to get accomplished what I need. After doing some research, it looks like I'm going to be rolling my own terrain/world geometry format, which is okay by me....

The beginnings of a powertrain

So, I have begun design and implementation of an engine of my own. I have decided to create my own engine for several reasons. The first and most important of those reasons, is because I want to better understand and appreciate what an engine is. Simply using another engine just doesn't quite give you the same appreciation. I also want the experience of...