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I am a duck

4: Adsense

Prototyping looking for fun

I'm at an semi-interesting point in my project right now where I have working tech to build a game and I have a basic game idea. That means trying to do some prototyping to see if there's any actual fun hidden in my ideas. Ideas are cheap and easy to put down on paper but actually implementing something and trying to make it fun is the hard part. ...

Well that was a bit long

I had been planning on increasing the time between journal posts so I'd have more to talk about that might be interesting to folks but I didn't realize that I had taken that plan so much to heart. I honestly didn't plan on staying away for months but it looks like that ended up happening anyway.

The good news is that I haven't been away...

When the Right thing can be the Wrong thing

For 98% of us working on side projects the biggest obstacle to reaching the finish line isn't a lack of technical expertise or a dearth of design ideas. The #1 cause of project death is motivation, or more accurately a lack of motivation. We all have real life getting in the way of things on a daily...

More Low Lights

Wrapping up Collisions
I finished up passing collision events to individual objects at the end of last week and that went absolutely swimmingly. At the end of every physics frame I process all of the collisions and send the appropriate information to the objects involved. If the object wants to act on collisions it provides a Lua script which is...

I am speechless

I didn't think that there would ever be a worse PR vehicle for the games industry than the reality show "The Tester" on PSN. Really how do you top a bunch of people competing for a job with horrible pay, horrible hours where you get treated poorly? It seems though that IGN is up for the challenge of going one step...