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Girlfriend wrecked DS Lite

Posted by , 06 July 2006 - - - - - - · 302 views

My girlfriend just wrecked my DS Lite. In my last post I said I left it somewhere, well it was -with her-. Just now she threw it out of the window. Great. And I just flashed my DS two fucking days. I just can't believe it. Luckily I still have my homebrew tools (she had only my DSL and Mario Kart DS). Ugh.. Women.

edit after expiration - I started a weblog at WordPress.com. Visit it! (Click)

Last Entry

Posted by , 06 July 2006 - - - - - - · 278 views

So okay, tomorrow is the last day of my given subscription (yes I repeat that often don't I?), thus, this will be my last entry in a long time.

I have managed to get homebrew running on my Nintendo Dual Screen Lite. It's freaking amazing! I can now use it as an MP3 player, run Linux on it (and throw it away the next second because I hate text-based OSes), play homebrew games (DSChess) and even run MSN (beup v0.02)! It really is amazing what touch screen, dual screen and WiFi can do together. I will definitely be programming for this platform. At least 1 piece of software and perhaps 1 little game.

The thing is, I'm now home and I find myself without the handheld. What happened? I got into such a big mess that I just left -somewhere- and went home. Forgot my DSL (DS Lite) there. But I'll get it back very soon. Or else I just have to buy a new one. Doh! X(

A sidenote: I failed this year, have to do it again next year. The problem is, at school, I don't show any motivation AT ALL. Can't blame them, nor me, it's just that my life has become so big that one year time couldn't fit all that stuff in. Guess I didn't fit my school in it enough to pass. But it's a good thing though. At least I'm sure that I won't fail again next year (or i'll kill myself) and it really woke me up and removed the idea of always being on top. I never failed a year at school and was always doing the highest class possible (Gymnasium in my case). But now I see that I don't HAVE to be perfect simply because I -CAN'T-.
Boy, what a relieve.

I hope this summer brings more hope to me. Wait, replace "summer" with "DS Lite".


MonkeyFever mockup

Posted by , 01 July 2006 - - - - - - · 256 views

Might make this game. Maybe for 4E5.

Brazil lost. France won. Wow. This Worldcup is either stupid or, corrupted.


Posted by , 29 June 2006 - - - - - - · 336 views

I will not leave GDNet+ Subscribers-land [to be exact: 5 days] without shameless advertising! (Not really shameless.. but advertising? Yes.)

BooGame is a 2D graphics engine (uses OpenGL for rendering) for C#. The engine supports scripting using the Python-like .NET language Boo, in which you can even script a whole game (if you want to). It's heavily under development, but that does not even a little bit mean it's not useful right now. Being under development is actually a good thing, since an OpenSource project would definitely improve from user feedback. So download the package, test the Examples and see for yourself.. Don't forget to sign up at the forum to give feedback to Rob Loach! [wink]

O and by the way, there will be a new release soon, that includes:
_ A GUI system.
_ Improved Font drawing. (No need for generated font-bitmaps anymore!)
_ More documentation.
_ More more mooooooooooooore!!

Spread the Source.

Do you remember NeXe?

Posted by , 27 June 2006 - - - - - - · 377 views

Web.Archive of the old NeXe.

Ahh, does that bring warm feelings to you as it does to me? That was the first 3D graphics programming website I visited. I decided to learn Direct3D (and not OpenGL) first, just because of the honest answer to the very question.

The Netherlands out of World Cup 2006 race

Posted by , 25 June 2006 - - - - - - · 161 views

FUCK the crazy assfucked referee. FUCK Portugal.

edit - I might seem like a lunatic, but you should've seen the match. It was chaos. Of the 90 minutes they played the referee wasted like 30 minutes on giving out cards. Blame Portugal playing like lamers.

Vision on visuals..

Posted by , 23 June 2006 - - - - - - · 177 views

[Current Launchbar]
[Current Launchbar]

I thought it was time to update the ugly blown up 32x32 icons in my launchbar with higher res ones. I found a nice green earth Firefox and a bigger Thunderbird icon, and the Windows Live Messenger was a bit hard to find, but it looks awesome. Much better than the old MSN icon. Additionally found a Winamp and made a uTorrent (recreated from another small design) icon. Here are two fresh icons I made:

The print sucks. I know.
I like this one better, but the matte look of the previous is cool too.
Mmmh.. I think this one is too orange. Can't figure how to add some white to it..

Note that I didn't follow the glass/plastic/shiny look (I wanted too at first) the largest fruit company made so puppylar. I like those. I just don't want to make any.
Has anyone seen the Vista look? I think it's good they finally used a dark classy color and not that old dull grey or the eye-burning blue themes, but I'm not into the idea of reflective shines becoming the next gradient.

By the way, my GDNet+ subscription is slowly dying away. I have just about 2 weeks left before they push me off this thrown. Hell, they're pushing me out of HEAVEN! [lol] Perhaps anyone generous enough to keep me in?
Myeah, actually, we humans should not ask for more and be happy with what we're given. I enjoyed my journal, my avatar and tag for as long as I had it. I'll be.. happy. I'll be fine. Perhaps I'll even be.. back.


Sweet Taro Soup

Posted by , 20 June 2006 - - - - - - · 223 views

View Recipe
View Image

If you never drank this. You suck.

Okay, I admit, it doesn't look as good as it tastes.

edit - hotlinking apparently not allowed! worked in my lovable firefox though..

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