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Current OpenGL Progress and other stuff

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Well my current prog ress state on learning OpenGL is that I currently have gone nowhere. Essentially it is at a stand still. There are a few reasons for this.

First reason is procrastination.
Second reason is more or less the cause of the First.

Right now I am really tied up with another project that I am trying to get off the ground. The project is a web development Project using Java EE which really needs to get moving. Essentially this project is meant to make me money down the road when it is finished as a sort of Corporate startup endeavor. This is not the typical hipster startup trend BS that is all over the place. A friend of mine and I have wanted to start a Software company for a long time and this is the project that could get it off it's feet. Essentially it is a web tool for small businesses that allows for Order Processing, Inventory tracking, etc..... which is run for them off site in a cloud like setting and they can use the WebFrontend or the Thin Client to work with the system. Hard to really explain the software unless you have used some of the systems already r out there that make you want to blow your brains out because of how disfunctional they really are.

So right now I have been brushing up on my Java and crash coursing some Java EE to give me a base to work off of. Beleive it or not everything people say is false. Java is actually quite a awesome language and it is really fast. Could get a bit verbose at times but it is very nice to work with and I am comming to the point where I am growing quite fond of it again. I have not touched java since version 1.5 and Java was the second programming language I learned after Visual Basic 5 and before C.

If and when I get a chance to spend some time learning OpenGL I might try porting the Arcsynthesis tutorials to Java with LWJGL because quite honestly the SuperBible 5th edition is a sad excuse for a book from what I experienced so far.

Jan 02 2013 05:00 PM

Java will serve you well, indeed. OpenGL will be very beneficial down the road.


My father reminds me from time to time, "Get the junk out of the way first, then prioritize the rest."  I hope this helps.




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