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Diablo 3

Posted by , 21 May 2012 · 859 views

I may have to buy a new mouse soon, I think Diablo 3 just destroyed my old one.

Too... many... error 37... jokes.... Posted Image
Yeah - I lost about 30 mins of progress because of a random DC. :/
It gave me CTS :(
Pretty fun game but after I hit Act 4 Inferno, I quit.
I just started Act 3? Is Act 4 really that bad?
I think he means he got carpal tunnel after act 3 :/
Ha those were two separate comments.
Yes, Act 4 Inferno is THAT bad. It is impossible!
Normal, Nightmare, and Hell were all easy mode but then Inferno came along...
Sounds like Diablo 3 didn't live up to the quality of Diablo 2... I've read several complaints, but I'm not sure if it's worth $59.99 right now. They should have offline mode! No idea why you must connect online...
The online aspect appears entirely down to the "Real money auction house"- perhaps DRM too.

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