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Unity eh?

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So in my last post I mentioned how I've decided to use Unity to build out my game. Having prototyped some basic concepts I've quickly realised that my idea would better suit a 2d viewpoint. I've also realised that my target devices at this moment in time are Windows 8RT, Windows 8 Phone and Windows 8 Store. All of which are currently unsupported by Unity. This can be something of a pain because whilst Unity have announced that they will support these devices at some point in the future, they've not given a date nor is there any total certainly around it.

This is leading me away from Unity as a main tool, and making me look at MonoGame instead. MonoGame is at version 3 and right now supports the whole XNA API v4. This appeals as I can use my normal IDE, my .NET 4.5 (Unity is still on 2.0) and publish to my target devices easily. The downside is that I have more work to do as XNA is a framework - and a simple one at that. I think Unity has some use to me in that I can use it prototype still, but I think it'll end there... unless they release full Win8 ecosystem support on the next couple of weeks.

Oh we'll.

The paper design of the combat mechanic is going quite well. Hopefully when it's a bit more nailed down I can start sharing some of it. I'm working on a prototype to prove it out.

Mar 31 2013 05:28 AM

you may want to look into MonoGame 3.0, as it has support for all those devices and XNA does not yet, but it currently uses the XNA APIs, so it will be very familiar.

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