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4: Adsense

This weekend I submitted not one, but two articles to Gamedev.net. They're about Microsoft's awesome cloud service Team Foundation Service. I hope they get approved Posted Image

This week I did awesome stuff with MonoGame. I can't talk about the project, but I'm blown away with how good MonoGame is, especially for Windows 8-based devices. If you're a fan of XNA (and if you're not, you should be), then you should really pick MonoGame and have a play.

I'm still contemplating open sourcing my Unity-like XNA/MonoGame framework. I'm not sure what's holding me back, really. It is quite nerve wracking making your code open.

Apr 27 2013 11:33 PM

Thanks for the contributions, they look like good articles to me!

Apr 29 2013 02:28 PM

Thanks :) I'm looking forward to them passing the mod gate.

May 01 2013 08:12 AM

First one is live now, looks like a positive response so far.

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